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High-quality instrument cable Více

Výrobce: Sommer Cable Kód produktu: 30300717

5 390 Kč s DPH
Smoke-colored noble version. Sommer Cable SC-SPIRIT XXL cable from German production. Enormously powerful and clear sound image with bass, guitar and keyboard. Dual shielding by a combination of a copper mesh screen plus conductive carbon screen. Low-loss transmission due to low capacitance and large wire gauge. Very flexible and easy to reel because of its fine single litz design. Extremely durable and sturdy due to a special high-quality PVC jacket compound. High quality guitar and bass cable for studio and stage. Unbalanced cable for keyboards, samplers, mixing desks etc.. Connection lead for CD/DVD/BluRay player/recorder. Made in Europe.

Name: SC-Spirit XXL
Properties: Analog
Properties: OFC oxygen free copper
Application area: Stage / live
Application area: Studio / Broadcast
Application area: Mobile outdoor / indoor
Application: Instrument Cable
Colour: black
Colour: transparent
Colour: brown
Colour detailed: transparent
Colour detailed: brown
Colour detailed: black
Signal transmission: asymmetrical
Construction: LI2Y(LS)CY 1x0.75 mm
Jacket material: PVC
Jacket material (audio): transp. PVC
Jacket O [mm]: 6.80
Number of Channels (audio): 1
Inner conductor (audio): 1
Inner conductor (audio) [mm]: 0.75
Inner conductor O (audio) [mm]: 0.98
AWG (audio): 18
Shielding: Copper spiral tin-plated + semiconductor
Copper strands (audio): 42
Copper strand O (audio) [mm]: 0.15
Conductor insulation material: Foam / Skin-PE
Conductor insulation O [mm]: 3.10
Weight per 1 m [g]: 52
UV-resistant: yes
Fire load per m [kWh]: 0.26
Style variant: round
Shielding factor [%]: 100
Packing: 100 m spool