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4 body do věrnostního systému DOSTUPNOST

Výrobce: Power Dynamics Kód produktu: SK178275

Produkt již není v nabídce POZOR - DOSTUPNOST 10 PRACOVNÍCH DNÍ
The PD4 series is a high-end speaker made for great performance. This series has been designed in a polypropylene construction both to handle the power and still lightweight enough for mobile use. The perfect speaker for any DJ or live-performer but also suitable for monitor use or club installation.

Peak power:1400W
Power music:700W
Power rms:350W
Frequency response:35Hz-20kHz
Crossover frequency:2.5kHz
SPL (1W/1m):96dB
SPL max:127dB
Woofer:15'' (3'' coil / 60oz)
Horn:1.35'' Coil
Top hat:35mm
Dimensions:365 x 425 x 710mm
Weight per set:16.3kg