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Výrobce: NOVA Kód produktu: NOVS801S

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MAXLINE 801 STAGE is based on two MAXLINE 801 PLUS systems and includes four M5 line array speakers, two active M318SUB and two passive M18SUBP subwoofers. The system power of this variant is 8.200 W (RMS) in total and is divided into six DSP and amplifier channels. Together with the MCON connector set, the M5 cabinets can be connected to each other comfortable and safe. Acoustically excellent at a compact size: This system variant is a highly flexible solution for mobile use as well as for fixed installation.

4 x M 5, 6 x 5" / 3 x 1,75" Line Array Loudspeaker, 2 Way, 800 W RM
2 x M 318 SUB, 18" Powered Subwoofers, 3-Ch. DSP, 3 Amplifiers
2 x M 18 SUB P, 18" Passive Subwoofers
2 x MB 5, U-Bracket for M 5, black steel, including 4 x PG 1
2 x MCON, Set of 2 Connectors, black steel, including 4 x PG 1
2 x MC 5, Flyframe for M 5, black steel