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MADRIX Art-Net control interface Více

Výrobce: Madrix Kód produktu: M0010084

9 990 Kč s DPH
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MADRIX STELLA is a dedicated control interface for Art-Net and DMX512 that is designed for high quality and practicability in permanent LED installations. MADRIX STELLA offers powerful features, especially in combination with MADRIX. Art-Net data is directly converted to DMX512. Optimize for short distances to your LEDs and decentralize cabling to cover any distance to the device using Ethernet network. Standardized design for 35 mm top-hat rails make mounting quick, easy, and safe. Alternatively usable as a plug-and-play solution to your computer and the MADRIX software using any USB 2.0 port. Directly connect DMX512 to the two 3-pin screw terminals to distribute 2 DMX universes per unit as input and/or output, eliminating the need for XLR connectors. MADRIX STELLA complies with the official Art-Net specifications and can be used as a regular Art-Net unit with your other consoles, controllers, or software solutions. Pixel mapping and voxel mapping. 2 extra brackets are provided for op

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