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MADRIX SPI decoder Více

Výrobce: Madrix Kód produktu: M0010082

9 490 Kč s DPH
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MADRIX NEBULA directly connects to your LED pixels. This advanced SPI decoder receives DMX512 over USB or Art-Net over Ethernet network and is built to provide excellent image quality. Directly connect to a wide range of supported LEDs via two 4-pin screw terminals. Signal frequency of up to 24 MHz is available. Art-Net is directly converted to SPI without the need for an additional interface. Reliably distribute data from any compatible software or hardware controller. Use USB or Art-Net for all the great features of the MADRIX software. Quality Output Of 8 Universes. Each device drives up to 1.360 RGB pixels while ensuring responsive delivery of high-quality signals to each individual LED. Separate output protocols for each of the two ports. Several units usable at the same time for larger projects. Standardized design for 35 mm top-hat rails make mounting quick, easy, and safe. 2 extra brackets are provided for optional wall mounting. 4 indicators quickly show the device status with

Shipping weight: 0,36 kg