Cluster LED Outdoor String Lights with Twinkle Eff Více

Výrobce: LYYT Kód produktu: SA155497

529 Kč s DPH
High-impact LED cluster string lights for the festive season, special events and atmospheric evenings all year round. From the point of switching on, these high quality lights maintain a 24-hour cycle of 8 hours on then 16 hours off, ensuring they only light when you require and helping to save power. A “Twinkle” effect is produced by a small number of LEDs which flash at random in a cool white colour. The long life, energy efficient LEDs are fitted with concave heads for consistent and uniform brightness at all angles. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.24-hour timer: 8 hours on, 16 hours off
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
Clustered LEDs for increased intensity
5m from mains plug to first LED
Concave-shaped LED heads for broad, consistent coverage

Power supply:31Vdc, 194mA
No. of LEDs:240
LED : length:2.5m
Overall length:7.5m
Cable colour:Dark green
IP rating : controller:IP20
IP rating:IP44 (string light)