Icicle-Inspired Multi-Sequence LED Outdoor String Více

Výrobce: LYYT Kód produktu: SA155416

569 Kč s DPH
Versatile, icicle-inspired LED string lights for the festive season, special events and atmospheric evenings all year round. With 8 selectable sequences and an automatic timer function, these high-quality lights can be tailored to numerous decorative requirements. From the point of switching on, the lights maintain a 24-hour cycle of 8 hours on then 16 hours off, with static or sequenced programmes, selectable via the inline controller. The long life, energy efficient LEDs are fitted with concave heads for consistent and uniform brightness at all angles. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
8 pre-programmed sequences, including Combined, Waves, Sequential, Slow-Glow, Chasing, Slow-Fade, Twinkle, and Static
24-hour timer: 8 hours on, 16 hours off
5m from mains plug to first LED
Concave-shaped LED heads for broad, consistent coverage

Power supply:31Vdc, 2 x 97mA
Power consumption:2 x 3W
No. of LEDs:240
LED : spacing:90mm
Drops:400, 280, 480 & 200mm
LED : length:4.2m
Overall length:9.2m
IP rating : string light:IP44
IP rating : controller:IP20
Cable colour:Dark green