Lanko vázací, do 400kg Více

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EUROLITE Lifting ropes, safety bondsThe EUROLITE lifting ropes, safety bonds comply with the current regulation of the German professional insurance association as summed up in BGI 810-3: 2007-03 Loads above persons. The lifting ropes, safety bonds are constructed in accordance with the European standards DIN EN 12385-4: 2008-06 and DIN 56927: 2009-03.The lifting ropes, safety bonds are tested by the LGA, an independent and accredited testing institute. The breaking load testified by the LGA is documented in the test report according to DIN EN 10204 required by the German professional insurance association.Clearly, every user can install and secure loads above persons with these lifting ropes, safety bonds in all areas where the BGV C1 is required.Use as attachment gearThese ropes are stamped with a WLL describing the maximum load when used for general lifting purposes. For all areas where the BGV C1 is required, the correct lifting rope must be selected only by calculating with safety

Maximum load WLL (5-fold): 1050 kg
Design of the core: 6 x 19 FC
Strength classification: 1770
Standard: DIN EN 12385-4: 2008-06, DIN 56927: 2009-03
Nominal tensile strenght of rope: 1770 N/mm
Wire surface: Zinc-plated
Color: Silver
Length: 100 cm
Diameter: 10 mm
Weight: 1,30 kg
Lengthweigth: 0,359 kg/m
Temperature range: -40 C to +100 C
Rope type: Round strand rope