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5 bodů do věrnostního systému DOSTUPNOST

Výrobce: Fenton Kód produktu: SK100264

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Elegant and modern stereo speakers which are very suitable for home-theater usage. The 3-way technology ensures that these speakers have a formidable soundquality with clear treble- and deep bass tones. Because of the good timbre, all genres of music could be produced through these speakers.

Power Continue:2 x 250W
Frequency response:32Hz - 20kHz
Impedance:8 Ohm
Woofer:2x 8" + 6.5"
SPL (1W/1m):90dB
SPL max:114dB
Dimensions:268 x 241 x 1100mm
Weight per set:26.4kg
Weight per piece:13.2kg