2 body do věrnostního systému DOSTUPNOST

4-point truss system Více

Výrobce: Alutruss Kód produktu: 60301708

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DECOLOCK DQ4 4-point truss systemDECOLOCK DQ4 is a 4-point truss system made of aluminum. The individual elements are connected via four cones, pivots and pins.The advantage of the conical connection system is that the cones completely fit into the main chords so that highest load capacity is guaranteed. The Quick-Lock system enables fast, efficient and highly aesthetic assembly when the truss constructions are frequently assembled and dismantled.The four main chords are made of 35 mm aluminum tube with 2 mm wall thickness and offer sufficient strength at a low weight. The braces have a diameter of 10 mm with 2 mm wall thickness and provide the system with a decorative appearance.With DECOLOCK, you can realize compact installations with low self weight, e. g. for shop displays, shop decorations, exhibitions, interior design, fair booths, discotheques and theatres.DECOLOCK is primarily designed for decorative installations and can be used for permanent or temporary installations due to

Trusspipe: 35 mm x 2 mm
Color: Alu colored
Trusspipe: 35 x
Welding material: AlMg 5
Welding technique: TIG-welding
Alloy: AlMgSi 0.5
Strut diameter x thickness: 10 x 2mm
Length: 250 mm
Width: 220 mm
Height: 220 mm
Weight: 1,40 kg