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6 bodů do věrnostního systému DOSTUPNOST

LED světelná rampa Více

Výrobce: BeamZ Kód produktu: SK150491

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A kit of 4 FlatPARs on a T-bar with 18 super bright 1W RGB LEDs each. The FlatPARs have been carried out in a compact casing that can fit almost anywhere. The fixtures offer a magnitude of static colours and blend them to create stunning effects. Features a.o. sound and strobe mode, colourfading in/out mode, electronic dimming, variable speed function etc. or create your own looks using the 6-channel DMX mode. The infrared remote control simplifies operation and eliminates the bother of programming. Possibility of linking several units. The units can be linked together in daisy chain.

of LEDs:4 Way kit with 18x 1W (6x red, 6x green, 6x blue) each
DMX channels:6
DMX connection:3-pin XLR
Consumption:4x 55W
Dimensions:75 x 1200 x 325mm